Seedround Event

  • First sale of SFT tokens for angel investors Distribution time: 01/09/2021.
  • Number of SFTs sold: 35,000,000 .
  • Opening price: $0.01/SFT.

Private Sale Event

  • Open sale program SFT tokens to create the ecosystem
  • Distribution time: 20/09/2021.
  • Number of SFTs sold: 25,000,000 .
  • Opening price: $0.015/SFT.

Pre Sale Event

  • SFT token sale opening program before community launch
  • Distribution time: 10/10/2021.
  • Number of SFTs sold: 25,000,000 .
  • Opening price: $0.018/SFT.

Public Sale Event

  • SFT tokens to the community
  • Distribution time: 30/10/2021.
  • Number of SFTs sold: 110,000,000.
  • Opening price: $0.025/SFT.

Who we are?

Safety is a DeFi ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain integrated in Safepal cryptocurrency wallet. We aim for a completely new and user-friendly experience in the crypto market.



Secure and convenient platform for cryptocurrency transactions

Safety is a Dapp development project on Safepal multi-network wallet, so when participating in Safety, users only need to install a single wallet platform. Death is Safepal. This will reduce the risk of having to operate on many different wallet interfaces and all digital assets on different Blockchains will be stored and synchronized on Safepal wallet easily because Safepal supports more than 20 Blockchain and 10,000 different tokens.


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NFT games

We develop a very familiar game with a new interface by applying Blockchain technology, every item in the game will be digitized in the form of NFTs and players can trade or easily exchanged.

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Staking is a platform that allows users to mine SFT tokens on Binance Smart Chain with the Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm, the number of tokens mined will depend on the number of SFT tokens staking previously. The system will calculate and return the new token directly to the user's personal wallet.

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Farming is a form of users putting tokens into liquidity pools and then receiving corresponding rewards. Participating in Farming, users have the opportunity to receive higher profits than normal Staking and the amount of assets brought to the farm will be temporarily locked and reopened when the program ends.

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With any actions that contribute to the development of the project, users will receive well-deserved rewards in SFT tokens.

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We focus on building standard protocols to optimize the accessibility of DeFi users.

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Safety aims at a community value generation system, all users get fairness when participating and receive voting rights through voting to decide for the development of the project."

Connecting the global community

Currently, Safepal wallet has been present in over 100 countries, more than 400 thousand downloads and 500 thousand wallet accounts set up. Safepal has policies to support partners to complete the ecosystem around them and Safety is proud to be a pioneer project in building Dapp on Safepal wallet.

Moreover, Safety's orientation is to become an organization to connect and develop the Safepal user community in Asia. By participating in the project early, investors will be an important factor contributing to the overall development of Safety and Safepal."


Buy Hardware Wallet

  • The 1st hardware wallet invested by Binance
  • Always secure and protected,wherever you go.
  • EAL 5+ independent secure element
  • True random number generator
  • Multiple layers of security sensor
  • Self-destruct mechanism
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Create smart contracts to ensure fairness and transparency

All main activities and development mechanisms are built by Safety on a smart contract system to record and store on Blockchain to ensure transparency and data integrity. The community is easily verifiable on BSCScan and has the right to decide on the development of Safety through voting mechanisms.

Unlimited, Fast and Fully Secure Transactions

The entire Safety ecosystem is compatible with Safepal wallets so all digital assets can be easily transferred between Blockchains. There will not be any obstacles when the transaction and private information is kept secure and cannot be interfered with. Safety hopes to be the bridge for all destinations of the global cryptocurrency trading community.


Problems In Global Marketplace And Our Solutions

01. Centralized Platform

Currently, organizations, trading markets or financial instruments all operate and interact with each other through a 3rd party. Activities can be savings, transactions, transfer orders...

Solution. Decentralized Platform

In order to overcome the disadvantages of centralized finance, Safety aims at decentralized finance. We realize that by applying Blockchain technology, replacing centralized assets with tokens in the ecosystem, and providing financial services to users anywhere with just a connected device. Internet.

02. Community inability to decide

With financial media, users have to go through verification procedures, commitments just to be able to use a certain financial product. That creates a huge obstacle for users, and every decision with personal property is influenced by the "feelings" of 3rd parties.

Solution. Community value-oriented platform

At Safety, users only need to install Safepal wallet and set up only one wallet address to be able to participate in the entire ecosystem without having to verify their identity or wait for confirmation. received from any 3rd party. In addition, Safety also has voting mechanisms by the community to decide the development of the project. We aim for fairness and democracy for the community to participate.

03. There is no clear reward mechanism

When an individual participates in the development of a project, it is desirable to have a well-deserved reward that promotes support and contribution. But now the common problem is that the reward mechanisms are not transparent and the awarding schedule is affected by factors such as time or local legislation...

Solution. Clear reward mechanism

The entire reward mechanism for community contributions is set up by the Safety team on the smart contract, as soon as the user takes action, the system will calculate and pay the reward immediately. instantaneously at any time and without barriers. Users can continuously receive well-deserved rewards brought by the Safety ecosystem.




Private Sale


Pre Sale


Public Sale










Reserve Funding




Future forecast

Our Future Roadmap

Jan 2021

Start of the Safety platform development.

May 2021

Research the market for better solutions.

Jul 2021

Platform design and technical demonstration.

Aug 2021

The first open sale program for the angel investors.

Sep 2021
Private Sale

The official pre-launch sale, creating momentum for future project development.
Free airdrop
Launch Staking

Oct 2021

The open sale program before the community launch.
Launch Swap

Nov 2021
Public sale

Launch NFTs

Dec 2021
Launch Farming

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